Replacement sole boards and some planking.
Replacement sole boards and some planking.
Motor Boat BETTY refurbishment.
We all fell in love with Betty. Major refurbishment involving moving skin fittings, replacing stainless steel screws in the sole boards with cross head brass (much classier!), and lots of varnishing.
FOR SALE:  9ft 6in Pram Dinghy.
Calling this boat 'Patch' as she has Iroko transoms and centreline, Larch planking, Oak timbers and Mahogany thwarts. FOR SALE.
Clinker Fishing Boat.
This is a beautiful Dorset built boat probably 50+ years old and still in use as a fishing boat. HAve replaced at least 2 new full length planks, new knees, strengthened thwarts and a Linseed Oil & Turps recoat.
4ft Clinker Boat.  Coffee Table
SOLD.  8ft Pram Dinghy.
Oak transoms, centreline, timbers, knees and gunwales. Mahogany planking and thwarts. Rows beautifully.
Bantry Bay Gig 'Integrite'
Beautiful boat that competes for GB in the 'Atlantic Challenge' Competition.
Weymouth Fishing Boat
GRP hull but all new woodwork.
48' Watson Class Lifeboat 'Gallichan'
Major repair work to the double diagonal mahogany planking. New Oak rub rails, all 100 feet of them!
Teak Cockpit Furniture
Bespoke handmade Teak furniture.
17ft Sea Kayaks
All plywood, so quite light but very strong and practical.
Mirror dinghy refurbishment.
A 50 year old Mirror dinghy that has been owned continually by the same family.
A new paddle!
Replacement Pull Across Dinghies for local sailing club.
Fitted wooden thwarts and rope rubbers to these plastic boats. Also cut holes with backing pads for the pull across ropes.
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