I produce mainly fruit and sweet bowls and dishes using British hardwoods wherever possible.  My favourite finish is pure local beeswax applied direct from a block while the piece is spinning on the lathe. 

Please see my selling page at:  British Craft House

Sculptors Mallets
Made from a Yew branch and finished with oil. One handle has a captive ring which has no purpose, but I fancied putting one on!
Oak dish
Made from Oak blocks. 36cm (14") diameter.
Ash dish with scorched rim.
30cm (12") diameter.
Composite dish.
23cm (9") diameter. Made from layers of Pine and Yew.
Elm flute bowl.
17cm (6.5") diameter. Made from the keel of an old Admiralty launch probably from the 1950s.
SOLD:  Cherry natural edge bowl
Ash platter
41cm (16") diameter. Wax finish with green waxed beading.
Elm Sweet Bowl
Made from the Iroko keel of a 1950s Admiralty Launch. 11.5cm (4.5") diameter.
3 Legged Stool
This stool was made as a replica of another so as to make a pair.
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SOLD:  Cherry natural edge bowl